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Now ANYONE Can Easily Build and Profit Wildly With Chatbots By Following Our Simple Step by Step Blueprint!

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Imagine this.

Out of 24 hours in a day, you spend 10 of them working on your business. Out of those 10, 3 are used towards revenue generating activities. The other 7 are used in dealing with administrative and customer support issues.

Now let’s say that you take a step back and see that you’re spending at least 4 of those hours dealing with subscriber management, replying with the same answers to the same questions, and other repeatable tedious tasks.

Now let’s say that all things being equal, for those 3 hours a day you spend on revenue generating activities, you earn a cool $10,000 a month or more.

Makes sense so far? Good.

Now let’s say you build a few bots to help you with your current customers, your subscriber management, and a few other tedious repeatable tasks and that shaves 3 hours off your day.

And let’s also say that you use those extra 3 hours towards revenue generating activities.

So all things being equal, you’ve just literally doubled your revenue by implementing technology that’s simple to use and scaleable.

That’s right. By using the power of automation – you’ve just given your business a huge boost of revenue.

But that’s not all you can do. Since you’re becoming a bot building master, you can also increase your revenue another way…


Everyone can be good at their passion, but not everyone is great with technology.

That local diner that you love eating at? Try talking to them about how they could use a chatbot on their rarely updated Facebook page and they’ll look at you as if you’re speaking Greek. (Unless they’re a greek restaurant, then they might understand…lol)

Simply put, technology is moving at a pace that most people just can’t keep up with nor do they want to. The guy who’s been running his successful pizza parlor only wants to keep making pizza. He doesn’t want to stumble around bot building code.

Which makes building bots an incredible business model and opportunity.

Imagine getting paid $500, or even $1000 to build and maintain a bot for your local businesses in your neighborhood.

Heck. It doesn’t even have to be local businesses. Just think of all the authors, speakers, consultants, realtors, ect. that would love a way to get back their time without having to answer the same mundane questions day in day out.

You could still use bots to grow your own business if you want while having a bot building business as well.

Or what’s really awesome…you could use bots to help you connect with clients who want to pay you to build a bot for them. (Whew, that was a mouthful!)

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