How To Automate Your Shopify Store in 2017

Use this method to automate your Shopify store

If you’ve ever started your own Shopify store then you know how much time and effort goes into getting it up and running. From, product selection to fulfillment and the 20 other steps in between, it can be a daunting task.

What if you could automate these processes? What if you had a catalogue of hot products to choose from? What if you had access to Done For You Print oN Demand? or, auto generate your store and Facebook Ads?

Well, we’ve found a system that does just that, plus more. Set everything to the side and focus in on the recent LIVE workshop we held that shows you how you can automate your Shopify stores.

Watch How We Automate The Entire Shopify Process

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Here Are Just a Few of The Features You’ll Get

Done For You Print oN Demand

Shopify Print on Demand

With the click of a few buttons, you can create your own FULL POD product lines, or you can use the thousands of designs we already provide you.

This includes, Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Tote Bags Leggings, Pillows and MORE!

Automated Physical Catalog

Imagine having your own product sourcing in china?Too good to be true. I worked out the deal with a company that will not only provide you massive hot physical items to sell with 1 click, but also FULFILL them for you!

This is truly automated physical production YOU never have to touch a single product JUST START SELLING!

Shopify Automated Product Catalog

Product Sourcing & Arbitrage Module

Shopify Product Sourcing

Imagine being able search with 1 click deploymentfrom Amazon, eBay & Ali Express within 1 module. We provide you the metrics on whats selling, seller ratings and so much more. This will put you light years ahead of the competition that are sourcing manually.

Auto Generated Store & Facebook Ads

We create all the mockups & store images for you, giving you the same deployment power of what saves us countless hours to deploy. Not only that, we create Facebook Approved and High Converting Facebook Ads Images, you can use in your campaigns that we have tested and tweaked over thousands of dollars spent!

Shopify Facebook Ads

Multi Store Manager

Shopify Multi-Store

With Slingly you can connect as many stores as you would like to manage. We generate product lists and CSV data so you can always be in the know and provide this to clients or your own fulfillment team if you like.

Full Targeting Library

We have spent over $200K in testing audiences and demographics in many HOT niches. We are literally going to hand you this to copy n paste in your own campaigns! Taking ALL the guess work out on whats working!

Facebook Shopify Audience

Amazing Integrations

Slingly Shopify Integrations

We are integrating with amazing selling systems!

  • Shopify for the best platform to sell your products.

  • Trex WP for advanced personalization opportunities.

  • ClickFunnels with AUTO FULFILL, Just monstrous

  • WooCommerce another amazing sellers platform for WP.

  • GearBubble integration to sell our done for you designs.

Get Started Automating Your Shopify Stores Today!


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