Leadifly - Collect Leads With The Click of a Link

Leadifly - Collect Leads With The Click of a Link

We all know the power of Facebook, the power of Automation, the power of building a list & the power of Email marketing so we have combined all these into one neat list building software called ‘Leadify’

The new software not only allows you to build up a list directly into your preferred autoresponder ‘Secretly’ but it also allows you to send personalized pushes via Facebook directly into messenger.
Push Notifications within Facebook are clickable, So you can also send people directly to any URL on their website (or outside their domain) based on their interests or actions on their website.

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Bonus #1 – Get Clicks

In today’s social world, not every social campaign goes viral and neither every social media post reaches the target audience. But this can all change via Get Clicks.

Our brand new app comes complete with full resell rights and includes everything you need to get started straight away.

Bonus #2 – Geo Marketer

Geo Marketer lets you specify which countries see certain elements on your sites. You can show different countries different messages. Just think of how powerful this would be for you.

Say you would like to send everyone from a country who didn’t have Paypal to a page that had a payment method that they could use…think of how much that would be worth to you.

You can show different images to different countries all based on rules you set.

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